Getting the Chemistry Right – David Horan


In 2006, David Horan of BioTector managed to get hold of a document a competitor had prepared about the market in which they both operated. BioTector merited just two words: ‘No threat’.

Six years later, the company was independently adjudged the market leader in the US. This tiny, family owned company went up against some of the biggest companies in the world and won.

Getting the Chemistry right is a book that depicts BioTectors’ incredible journey.

We were asked to design a book cover to reflect business growth that is visually appealing and will stand out on a bookshelf in a shop, or on an online platform.


The BioTector story shows what you can achieve when you bring a group of talented people together, give them a vision and a plan to make it real.

The end result is a cover  that conveys this in a simple and effective way, while visually standing out on the shelf or on online platforms. We also assisted in uploading the content to Amazon Publishing Platform.

book design