green sod ireland


Green Sod Ireland is a charity organisation who have set out to provide ecological education and to protect and conserve Irish land in perpetuity, for the sake of its indigenous inhabitants: Animals, plants, soils, rocks, micro-organisms and the like for their own sake, for present and future generations. The brief was to design and build a new mobile responsive website that will be fresh and exciting as well as easy to navigate with not too much information communicating clear messages to their users. The website also need to help finance their work and have flexibility for further development.


Based on some website references and their logo we worked with Green Sod Ireland and designed an image led website with clear messaging and great user experience. The website includes a donate and a supporters page which allows people to give money to Green Sod Ireland on a repeat or once off basis, helping to fund the great work they do.  The 9 page website also includes a blog which allows the administrators to easily add more new posts which they can they circulate on their social media platforms. We carried out website training and a produced a customised manual for editing and updating the website content. This gives the administrators flexibility and more control of the website then they previously had. The WordPress management system will allow them to develop the website further as the organisation needs such as the development of a new page and funding functionality for the Save a Sod campaign.

website design and build