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“In early 2020, not knowing what was ahead of us, Frances, Alison and I discussed the possibility of an exhibition of their work in 2021. COVID lockdowns and the sheer pressures of living caused a postponement to autumn 2022. This had the happy effect of allowing more time for me to plan the exhibition and catalogue, and for Alison and Frances to make work.” Mary Gallagher

Mary Gallagher is the owner of Blue Egg Gallery in Wexford Town. We were asked to design a catalogue and invite for MAKING TIME, an exhibition of the inspiring work by ceramists Alison Kay and Frances Lambe. The catalogue needed to be reflective of the artists work and, in its own right, be a an object to keep.


We designed an A5 catalogue and a DL invitation that showcased the beautiful work of both Alison and Frances, using imagery of the artists inspiration and framing the ceramic pieces to highlight key shapes. The catalogue is printed on uncoated stock linking to the natural quality of clay. The front cover is embossed with the words “Making Time”. The tactile nature of the emboss is also a reflective property of the clay and marks made on the pieces. The emboss is without ink, a deliberate attempt to slow down and make time to read the inscription.  The photography was beautifully shot by Rory Moore.

In our world today Making Time to do what we love or what is important is put on the long finger or is just ignored. Making Time is an exhibition of inspiring work by artists Alison Kay and Frances Lambe who pour time, love, and unquestionable skill into their work.

catalogue design, DL invite
Making Time Exhibition Brochure Design Wexford
Making Time Front Cover Emboss Catalogue Design Wexford Ireland