monart poundbury


Monart Poundbury is a very special collaboration between Royal Duchy in the U.K. and Monart, a 5 star spa with fine dining luxury accommodation. A new logo design, full branding, website and brochures were needed to inspire and excite their customers.


Monarts treatments have been inspired by Asian culture and we wanted to find a way of somehow merging this with the distinct town of Poundbury. We brought together the traditional Asian pattern and flipped it upside down to represent the rolling hills of Poundbury. The mark is printed in gold fold over images or on colour plan stock.

logo, website, brochure, signage
Monart Poundbury logo and branding design wexford. Pixelpod graphic design and branding in wexford.
monart-daymoodboard- logo design wexford
poundbury logo design wexford
monart spa poundbury signage
monart poundbury brochure design wexford