Clár na Leabhar Gaeilge / Foras na Gaeilge


Organised by Clár na Leabhar Gaeilge, An Scéim Meantóireachta (mentoring scheme) pairs budding writers with more experienced and established writers in their literary genre. The aim of the mentoring scheme is to give writers at the beginning of their career the opportunity to receive advice on their writing and the craft of writing from well known and successful Irish writers. Our brief was to collaborate with Foras na Gaeilge and their media partners Lorg Media on designing a social media campaign templates for sharing on Instagram. The selection of templates had to be created in Canvas so the internal team could edit and publish the content as needed.

As there are 39 mentors and writers the final template needed to accommodate easy substitution of their images. While the campaign assets had to be consistent they also had to stand out from the other content published on their instagram feed.


We discussed the needs of the campaign with our clients and then created 3 look and feels for the campaign.

The end result is a set of 9 highly visual and versatile templates. All the elements were uploaded to Canvas so their internal team could reproduce content as needed. We choose a colour palette of blues, greys, yellows and reds that worked well together. The graphics are marks and shapes that partially sit over coloured squares and images of the mentors and mentees which ties the information together. Using designed templates the campaign was both consistent and standouts against other social media campaigns that Foras na Gaeilge and Clár na Leabhar Gaeilge were running.