Wexford County Council


Wexford is the cornerstone of Ireland’s Ancient East, a county that is attracting international companies while supporting and building indigenous businesses. We were awarded the tender to design and build a mobile led website that acts as a stage for representing the best Wexford has to offer. Where the full county offer is presented would benefit, strengthen and support the county in a very positive manner. It would also focus on positively supporting and assisting both Visit Wexford and Invest Wexford. A platform where business, investment and tourism are all equally promoted and supported. The website should use excellent imagery and be easy to navigate through for the user. For the administrator it needs to be easy to edit the website and include new content.


A portal website “” that gives some insight to the reader about Wexford, what it’s like to live, visit and invest here and directs the user to other websites with more specific information. The website uses colour, photography and large display typography to highlight the categories. The 4 main districts and the Counties ambassadors have an important place on the website. Video and great copy writing is also used to be able to tell our story about the highlights of County Wexford.

Mobile friendly portal website
wexford website design mobile view
ipad iphone wexford website design
App Screens wexford web design by pixelpod